Titlesort descending Year
Hormonas tiroideas y síndrome metabólico 2018
HPTLC-AMD gradient implementation in hydrocarbons field and HPTLC-MS coupling with extraction advantage 2010
Human placenta-derived multipotent mesenchymal stm cells show evidence of unique features that make them ideal candidates for cancer cell therapies. 2015
I ESCUELA DE BIOLOGÍA CELULAR Y MOLECULAR DEL CÁNCER. El cáncer en el siglo XXI: un grito por los investigadores españoles 2019
Imaging Nanoscale Phenomena In (Aberration Corrected) Transmission Electron Microscopy 2014
Imdea Nanociencia Seminars 2015
Immunotherapy in cancer, inflamatory and autoimmune diseases: restoring the delicate balance between protective immunity and self-damage 2016
Implantación de la administración electrónica. Colaboración con la administración local por parte de otras administraciones públicas 2016
Implications of carotenoid-based coloration for sexual selection and population dynamics 2014
In vitro stem cell models to study neurodegenerative disease 2019
Indicadores para comparar la efectividad de los sistemas sanitarios en la OCDE 2012
Individual Magnetic Vortices Investigated by nanoSQUID Magnetometry 2017
Inflamación inducida por células T citotoxicas y NK 2013
Inflammation induced by the serine-protease granzyme A in inflammatory/autoimmune disorders and host protection: a selective target to fight the dark side of inflammation? 2015
Inmunoterapia cancer. Anticuerpos frente a puntos de control 2018
Inmunoterapia y cáncer. Conceptos básicos 2016
Innovations and Green Chemistry 2007
Innovative drug discovery and development strategies for antibacterial therapy: a focus on neglected diseases  2018
Insights into the molecular basis of Protein O-glycosylation: lessons learnt from two different family of protein O-glycosyltransferases. 2018