Title Yearsort descending
Human apoptosis inducing factor: Molecular basis of its cellular activities and neurodegenerative disorders 2020
Dendritic nanocarriers for hepatitis C treatment 2020
Potential perspectives of molecular recognition imaging at the single molecule level for detection. The case of Strept(avidin):biotin system analyzed at nanoscale level 2020
Organ Bioengineering: The Future of Transplantation Medicine 2020
El Seminario multidisciplinar como espacio de enseñanza- aprendizaje para fomentar el pensamiento económico crítico en perspectiva histórica 2020
Electricity self‐production and self‐consumption: An analysis using disaggregated supply and use tables for Spain 2020
Exploring genome-wide diversity in the National Peach (Prunus persica) Reference Collections at CITA and EEAD-CSIC (Zaragoza, Spain) 2020
Unveiling protein-protein interactions between Fur paralogs from Anabaena sp. PCC7120 2020
Structuring and Integration of Molecular Nanomagnets on Sensors and Quantum Devices by Deposition with Atomic Force Microscopy 2020
Geoethics in connection with the palaeontological heritage 2020
Quantitative molecular recognition force maps to localize specific protein receptors 2020
Structural, optical and electrical properties of NiOx thin films obtained by various techniques 2020
Development Of An Efficient In Vitro High-Throughput Method To Discover New Combinatorial Therapies Against Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria 2020
Application of qualifying testing protocols in alkaline electrolysers 2020
Repurposing beta-lactams for Buruli ulcer therapy 2020
Conversión de CO2 en gas natural sintético: análisis de eficiencia mediante catalizadores basados en sepiolitas 2020
LACRIMA: From protein biophysics to drug discovery in an academic laboratory 2020
Usos del Laboratorio de Paleogenómica del IUCA 2020
Age-associated changes in myocardial fibrosis amount and distribution quantified from nonlinear optical microscopy images 2021
Spanish People's Attitudes Towards the Environment and Climate Change. A Quantitative Temporal Evolution Approach 2021