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Historical agricultural droughts from the INternational Pro pluvia ROgation database 2021
Modelo PIE: Una nueva propuesta para analizar las movilizaciones sociales en la esfera digital basada en el caso #metoo 2021
Optical, structural and morphological properties of NiOx thin films obtained by e-beam 2021
EuroLat and the Venezuelan crisis 2021
Study of water uptake mechanisms in plants living in gypsum 2021
Nanostructured low-cost sorbents for H2S removal 2021
New antimicrobial biodegradable films for ready-to-eat foods 2021
Exploratory scenarios of global food loss and waste reduction, and diets towards a sustainable food system 2021
New carnivore material from the Early Pleistocene of La Puebla de Valverde (Spain): a multivariate taxonomical approach based on the dentition updates de systematics of the genus Lynx 2021
Looking for Holocene Pyrenean archives of Saharan dust deposition: The Arxuri peatbog and the Marboré lake 2021
Ponencia: "Proyecto Aragón Photo", I Jornada Internacional Anna Atkins de Fotografía, organizada por Fotodoc (UCM) y Archivo Jalón Ángel (USJ), en Caja Rural de Aragón, Zaragoza, 16 de diciembre de 2021. 2021
An Economic-Industrial Walk Through European Bioeconomy Landscapes 2021
Energy-balance models for non-intrusive monitoring of tree water use of overaged oak coppices in response to different management strategies 2021
The role of irrigation on the regional divergences of Spanish agricultural production: Analysis during the second globalization 2021
Dark matter annual modulation with ANAIS-112:three years results 2021
Nanobody-guided immuno-PET for the diagnosis of glioblastoma 2021
Novel in vitro synergistic combinations in the treatment of non-tuberculous mycobacteria 2021
Characterization of dynamic and thermodynamic features of African dust outbreaks over the western Mediterranean basin: trend analysis for the 1948-2020 period 2021
Case Study Presenter: H2 injection into the gas grid 2021
The long-term effects of soil erosion: a global economic analysis. 2021