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Caracterización del remodelado cardiaco asociado a la edad en el ventrículo izquierdo humano 2021
Drug discovery for inhibiting 3CLPro: an essential protease of SARS-CoV-2 2021
Quantifying Deposition Fluxes in Two National Parks with Contrasting African Dust Influence: The North and the South of the Iberian Peninsula 2021
Case Study Presenter: H2 injection into the gas grid 2021
Nueva mandíbula de lince del Pleistoceno inferior de La Puebla de Valverde (Teruel): aproximación taxonómica multivariante de félidos actuales y Pleistocenos de talla mediana 2021
Sinergias en morfología y genética de Microtus del Cuaternario de la Península Ibérica 2021
Strategies to activate photocatalysts under solar light for pollutant removal in wastewater 2021
Biopsia Virtual, ver el cáncer invisible 2021
Previsión y optimización de recursos en la gestión de residuos urbanos 2021
High frequency response of biomass-derived carbon in aqueous electrochemical capacitor 2021
Investigation of the CO2 adsorption capacity of chars produced by pyrolysis of macro-components of digested manure and their blends 2021
Disentangling water sources in a gypsum plant community. Tracing the use of gypsum crystalline water 2021
Variaciones temporales y altitudinales a nivel poblacional e individual en el topillo nival (Chionomys nivalis). 2021
All for one and one for all – Considerations about holistic challenges of sustainability analysis 2021
Geoethics' case studies: Palaeontology and Geoheritage 2021
When nanochemistry meets food packaging: development of active materials based on polyoxymetalates and nanocelluloses 2021
Injection of hydrogen in high-pressure gas grids: technical, regulatory and legal aspects 2021
Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Agricultural and Food Markets in Africa: A Global Simulation Model Exercise 2021
Multi-isotope labelling reveals different patterns of uptake and transport of water, NO3 and NH4 in a poikilohydric epiphytic fern 2021
"Ilegalidad en origen": Repensar la producción escalar y la externalización de fronteras 2021