Title Yearsort descending
Diplomacia parlamentaria: Ejemplos y definiciones 2021
Investigation of the CO2 adsorption capacity of chars produced by pyrolysis of macro-components of digested manure and their blends 2021
Essays on the electricity sector in Spain and other input-output applications 2021
Modelling electricity self-production and self-consumption. Insights from the input-output framework 2021
Liver Regeneration: From Prometheus to Machines 2021
Colloidal nanosemiconductors for clean energy applications 2021
The ArsR response regulator: a novel and validated therapeutic target against Helicobacter pylori infection 2021
Experimental and numerical characterization of the active behaviour of mouse rotator cuff muscles 2022
OPTIKA, a new high content in vitro kill-kinetic assay to evaluate the efficacy of novel anti-TB drug combinations 2022
Preparation of CuS-rGO Aerogel and Application in Na-ion Batteries 2022
Conjugación de nanoanticuerpos con fluoróforos IRDye como sondas moleculares para cirugía guiada por fluorescencia 2022
Towards advanced cardiac miRNA therapies through DNA-based nanostructures 2022
Design, development, integration and evaluation of hybrid fuel cell power systems for an unmanned water surface vehicle 2022
Bioética en paleogenómica: des-extinciones 2022
Ecohydrological niche segregation among coexisting C3 and C4 desert shrubs in a gypsum-calcareus formation (NW Iran) 2022
A prospective economy-wide sustainability analysis for EU biochemical activities 2022
In vitro synergy screens of FDA-approved drugs combined with last-line antibiotics reveal new bactericidal combinations against Klebsiella pneumoniae 2022
Sepiolite based catalyst supports produced by combined freeze-robocasting technique 2022
Natal experience, genetic origin and selection for philopatry in a spatially structured population 2022