Title Yearsort descending
Multi-isotope labelling reveals different patterns of uptake and transport of water, NO3 and NH4 in a poikilohydric epiphytic fern 2021
Geoethics' case studies: Palaeontology and Geoheritage 2021
Development of nanobody-based probes as non-invasive tools for molecular imaging theragnosis of GBM 2021
CO2 adsorption on char from rich-protein animal wastes and pure proteins. A comparative study 2021
Approaches to elucidate the mode of action of a novel chemical series active against mycobacteria 2021
Human cardiac models for investigation of age-related cardiotoxic effects of drug compounds 2021
Colloidal nanosemiconductors for clean energy applications 2021
Nuevos nanocompuestos basados en materiales carbonosos y nanosemiconductores para aplicaciones de almacenamiento de energía 2021
Nanobody libraries: a toolkit for cancer diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. 2021
The long-term effects of soil erosion: a global economic analysis. 2021
Modelling electricity self-production and self-consumption. Insights from the input-output framework 2021
New nanostructured metal oxides for use in photocatalysis 2021
Parameter characterization of HTPEMFC stack with a non-isotermal 3D model 2022
An approach to the mechanisms of use of gypsum crystallization water by plants 2022
Measures of the value added size of the European Bioeconomy: Different monitoring perspectives 2022
Ponencia invitada: "Viajeros y fotógrafos por el territorio de Aragón durante el siglo XIX", congreso Con otros ojos. El arte aragonés visto por los viajeros, 11 de noviembre de 2022, Institución Fernando el Católico (CSIC), Zaragoza 2022
OPTIKA, A New High Content Drug Combination Kill Kinetic Assay 2022
Terapias cardiacas avanzadas con microRNAs basadas en nanoestructuras de DNA 2022
Envejecimiento cardíaco humano: transcriptómica y desarrollo de modelos celulares 2022
Antioxidant active packaging for fruits based on polyoxometalates 2022