Title Yearsort descending
Unravelling drivers of global land use change 2019
Search for annual modulation with ANAIS112: two years results 2019
Portfolio Selection in Quantile Utility Models 2019
Leptin receptor LEPR gene is associated with reproductive seasonality in Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed" 2019
The Pyrolysis Of Resorcinol: Search For Direct CO2 Pathways 2019
2-oxoglutarate enhances FurA binding activity to the NtcA promoter in Anabaena PCC7120 2019
Caracterización de las bandas de energía de semiconductores nanocristalinos empleando diversas técnicas y comparativa entre ellas 2019
In vitro profiling of anthelmintic avermectins against non-tuberculous mycobacteria 2019
Benign and detrimental chemical decomposition routes depleting methylammonium cation in hybrid perovskites 2019
Quantum-classical molecular dynamics in the canonical ensemble 2019
Molecular basis of GalNAc-Ts substrate specificity” 2019
Protocolos de testeo acelerados como herramienta en cribado del desarrollo de nuevos materiales para la producción de hidrógeno electrolítico 2019
Towards efficient in vitro screening tools to discover new clinical options in the treatment of non-tuberculous Mycobacteria 2019
En busca del Caballo de troya ideal para la terapia antitumoral 2019
Evolution of the inner skull cavities in Eusuchia 2019
NanoSQUID magnetometry on individual nanomagnets at variable temperature 2019
A perspective of alkaline water electrolysis technology -challenges in providing grid services 2019
Externalization of migration control: state of the art and the way forward 2019
A linkage between biophysical and economic models: Assessing the economic impacts of soil erosion 2019
Study of the role of the W196 residue of the human apoptosis inducing factor 2019