Title Yearsort ascending
Induction of pro-apoptotic processes by cytotoxic molecules from immune cells and from pathogens 2005
Early detection of multidrug resistant tuberculosis by a line probe assay in Greater Lisbon 2005
Which Extremes are Really Extremes? 2005
Marcadores geoquímicos de la materia orgánica sedimentaria 2005
Human CD8+ are more sensitive than CD4+ T cell blasts to regulation by APO2L/TRAIL and by IL-2 deprivation 2005
The strong correlations between magnetism and structure in RE5(SixGe1-x)4 materials 2005
Caracterización geoquímica de la materia orgánica sedimentaria. Estudio y cuantificación del black carbon 2005
Granzyme A and Granzyme B: pleiotropic effector molecules in NK/CTL-mediated biological processes 2005
Delayed doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in highly proliferative Jurkat cell sublines occurs by a caspase-independent mitochondrial pathway involving 2005
Magnetism and structure in the magnetocaloric compounds R5(SixGe1-x)4 2005
Strong correlation between structure and magnetism in R5(SiGe)4 (R=Tb, Er) 2005
Biogeochemical characterization of sedimentary organic matter in marine sediments. Black carbon isolation discussion 2005
En busca de nuevos farmacos: Ensayo del desplazamiento de la temperatura media de desnaturalizacion como estrategia para el cribado masivo de quimiotecas de ligandos 2005
Measurement of physical properties of refrigerant mixtures. Determination of phase diagrams. 2005
Desarrollo de inhibidores de la proteasa NS3 del virus de la Hepatitis C 2005
MS/MS spectra interpretation 2005
The exception that confirms the rule: The thermal behaviour of Helicobacter pylori apoflavodoxin case 2005
Rejuvenation and Memory in the Binary EA-model for Spin Glasses 2005
Estabilizacion de proteinas conformacionalmente complejas mediante union de ligandos 2005
Ligand binding stabilization of conformationally complex proteins 2005