Titlesort ascending Year
´The international politics and policies of parliamentary bodies and sub-state regions as external (f)actors in the democratisation of Southern Mediterranean states´ 2010
´The crisis in Syria: What role(s) for the European Union and the European Parliament´ [n Greek] 2013
´Post-conflict Libya reconstruction and reconciliation: what role for Europe´s paradiplomatic and parliamentary actors?´ 2013
´La dimensión paradiplomática y parlamentaria en la Unión por el Mediterráneo´ 2010
´Is there a model of inter-regionalism in EU parliamentary relations: lessons from the EMPA and the EUROLAT´ & ´Regional parliaments in the Euro-Mediterranean region: does it amount to integration?´ 2010
´Comparando la dimensión parlamentaria de las relaciones Unión Europea-América Latina y Caribe con la de las relaciones UE-Mediterráneo´ 2010
[Invited speaker:] The monastery of Piedra in professional stereoscopic photography, 19th and 20th centuries. 4th International Conference Stereo & Immersive Media, Lusofona University, Lisboa 2020
ZZW-115: A NUPR1 inhibitor for pancreatic adenocarcinoma treatment 2019
Zinc induced folding is essential for Tim15 activity as an mtHsp70 chaperone 2012
Z-contrast STEM imaging of B cation ordering and microstructure of Sr2CrReO6 double perovskite thin films 2009
Yruela,I. and Contreras-Moreira,B. (2013) Dinámica evolutiva de las proteínas intrínsecamente desordenadas en plantas 2013
Yruela I, Contreras-Moreira B (2014) Protein structure features inferred from sequence can change significantly with database growth over time 2014
Y- chromosomal haplotype analysis in two Tunisian sheep breeds. 2014
XVIII Reunión de la Sociedad Española de Fisiología Vegetal (SEFV) XI Congreso Hispano-Luso de Fisiología Vegetal 2009
XIII Jornadas en producción animal 2009
XII Jornadas de Producción animal 2007
Workshop: Europe In An Uncertain World: Openness, Resilience And Vulnerabilities Of Small States And Middle Powers 2023
Wild-type and mutant flavodoxin reduction by Photosystem I in the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC 7119 2001
Whole-Organ Bioengineering: Growing Livers on Demand 2018
Whole Liver Bioengineering: shaping the future of regenerative medicine 2018