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Cantalapiedra CP, García-Pereira MJ, MacarullaB, Casas AM, Igartua E, Contreras-MoreiraB (2015) Transcriptomic analysis of drought responses of elite barley cultivar Scarlett and Spanish landrace SBCC073 2015
Can the evolution of the European bioeconomy contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? 2018
Can climate change be tackled effectively through a fair and widely accepted carbon pricing policy? 2022
Cambios conformacionales y activación alostérica de la proteasa NS3 del virus de la Hepatitis C 2008
Calorimetric techniques for studying chaperonin assemblies 2016
Calorimetric studies of potential NS3 protease inhibitors 2009
CALDER: Cryogenic wide-area light detectors with excellent resolution 2015
Calcium looping como uso directo del CO2 para el almacenamiento de energía solar. 2019
Cadmium impacts on soil bacterial activity through earthworm-mediated soil aggregation 2012
CAADP policies in West Africa: An activity based CGE perspective 2014
Ca2+ and Mg2+ binding kinetics to the fifth binding module of the LDL receptor 2012
C ontribution of AMD - HPTLC - Fluorescence and UV Scanning Densitometry to the Characterization of Heavy Petroleum Products 2011
Building "nano" with DNA: custom-designed nanostructures by DNA self-assembly 2022
Brief Reports on: (1) Control for Quantum Optics Processes; and (2) Propagators for the time-dependent Kohn-Sham equations 2017
Bridge matrices for feeding macroeconomic models with consumption survey profiles for the EU-28 countries 2019
Brasil como potencia global y su impacto sobre el concepto de potencia civil europea 2011
Brasil como potencia global y su impacto sobre el concepto de potencia civil europea 2011
Brain and labyrinth anatomy of the Gondwanan Jurassic sauropod Dicraeosaurus 2017
Bosonic Models with quantum circuits 2012
bosonic models in quantum circuits 2012