Titlesort ascending Year
3D-footprint: a database for the structural analysis of protein-DNA complexes 2010
3D structure prediction and AFM morphology study of human FAD synthase (isoform 2) 2017
3D Structure and biochemical characterization of the aspartate transcarbamoylase domain of human CAD 2015
2020 Common Agricultural Policy in Spain. General Equilibrium Effects of an EU28 budget deal 2015
2-oxoglutarate enhances FurA binding activity to the NtcA promoter in Anabaena PCC7120 2019
2-oxoglutarate enhances FurA binding activity to NtcA promoter region in Anabaena PCC 7120 2019
16th International Symposium on Flavins and Flavoproteins 2008
151Eu and 155Gd Mössbauer study of defect-fluorite-type MO2-LnO1.5 solid solutions (M4+ = Ti, Hf, Zr, Ce, U, Th; Ln3+ = lanthanide) 2008
101DNA: a set of tools for Protein-DNA interface analysis 2010
1. Role of SK3 channels in erectile function in mice 2. Genetic deficit of KCa3.1 channels protects against pulmonary circulatory collapse induced by TRPV4 channel activation 2015
1. Genetic deficit of KCa3.1 channels protects against edema and pulmonary circulatory collapse caused by TRPV4 activation. 2. Characterization of monocyte/macrophage KCa3.1 channels in Gaucher’s Disease. 3. New negative-gating modulators of KCa2 and KCa 2015
"Ilegalidad en origen": Repensar la producción escalar y la externalización de fronteras 2021
"Detección de regiones genómicas asociadas al contenido de vitamina A y E en plasma en Rasa Aragonesa 2019
The brain and inner ear of derived pterosaurs have similar morphometrics to those of birds 2020
Protocolos de testeo acelerados como herramienta en cribado del desarrollo de nuevos materiales para la producción de hidrógeno electrolítico 2019
OPTIKA, a new high content in vitro kill-kinetic assay to evaluate the efficacy of novel anti-TB drug combinations 2022
Niveles del plaguicida disruptor endocrino “lindano” en ganado ovino de una zona posiblemente contaminada. 2017
measuring variability in Spain: AVPM and beyond 2010
Measurement of physical properties of refrigerant mixtures. Determination of phase diagrams. 2005
Measurement and modelling of liquid-vapor equilibria and volume properties applied to refrigerant mixtures 2005