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Effect of laser-assisted embryo biopsy and developmental stage on embryo survival at term in sheep. 2015
Efecto de la suplementación con vitamina E en la expresión de genes relacionados con el metabolismo de la vitamina E en el músculo L. Thoracis de corderos ligeros. 2013
Development of a SNP parentage assignment panel in some North-Eastern Spanish meat sheep breeds. 2018
Detección de regiones genómicas asociadas a la fertilidad por inseminación artificial en carneros de raza assaf. 2018
Comparison of DNA-binding across protein superfamilies 2009
Classical and Quantum simulations of coupled fields 2015
Chromosomal localization and genetic variation of the Ovine heart fatty acid-binding protein gene (H-FABP). 2002
Chromatographic profiling of heavy petroleum products by AMD-densitometry. Repeatability, factors influencing separation and some examples of application 2014
Bis(methyl)gliotoxin proves to be a stable and reliable biomarker for invasive aspergillosis and suitable for use in diagnosis 2012
Berberrubine: a FDIC fluorophore for determining saturated hydrocarbons with a simple calibration, via non-covalent interactions and signal amplification from a keto-enol tautomerism tion 2014
Application of High Performance-TLC coupled to Electrospray (ESI) Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry for structural analysis of complex lipid-based samples 2016
An example of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in ovine: Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase (SCD). 2013
A single nucleotide polymorphisms in the 5’ UTR ovine FASN gene is associated with milk fat yield. 2013
A novel HPTLC analytical method for quantification and separation of mycotoxin gliotoxin and related compounds in human samples 2011
3D-footprint: structural analysis of protein-DNA complexes 2009
The role of microRNAs in age-related remodeling of the human left ventricle 2019
The dual role of inflammatory and apoptotic granzymes during colorectal carcinoma development 2016