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Expanding Eurostat’s FIGARO MRIO database: industry disaggregation, and environmental and labour extensions 2023
Sturctural and functional impact of co-culturing iPSC-CM and HCAEC within microfluidic devices exposed to mechanical and electrical stimuli 2023
Las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo entre los desafíos externos de la UE 2024
Determining stomatal response to vapour pressure deficit from gas exchange measurements: conceptual and methodological challenges 2024
Dispersive readout of molecular spin qubits 2024
The Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MATSUS24) 2024
Gemelos Digitales para la conservación del patrimonio cultural: DiGHER 2024
Aproximación a la diplomacia parlamentaria: el rol del Parlamento Europeo como tribuna moral 2024
Exploring the hydraulic functioning of Viscum album L. and its relationship with the host tree Pinus sylvestris L. 2024
Sustainability in the supply chain of battery research: A case study of Co” 2024
Remote spin-spin interactions mediated by superconducting circuits for quantum applications 2024
Scaling relationships between xylem and phloem in oak petioles 2024
Two-qubit [Dy2] molecules deposited into micro SQUID susceptometers: in situ characterization of their spin response 2024
Los determinantes de las preferencias de los españoles que apoyan la imposición sobre la riqueza: ¿divergen entre diferentes medidas de política tributaria? 2024
Documentación, estudio y difusión del arte rupestre a través de los gemelos digitales 2024