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Innovative eco-friendly active packaging strategy aimed for ethylene removal 2022
Measuring the Bioeconomy Transition in European Member States: An Economic Perspective 2022
Antimicrobial active packaging against food pathogenic bacteria and spoiling moulds 2022
Experimental validation of a vanadium redox flow battery model via Particle Swarm Optimization 2022
Rock Art in the Eastern Region of Sharjah (UAE): Archaeological Records and Preliminary Geospatial Analysis 2022
A dynamic network regression model for a large cross section of units with an application to measuring spillovers between pollution and electricity consumption 2022
Building "nano" with DNA: custom-designed nanostructures by DNA self-assembly 2022
An approach to the mechanisms of use of gypsum crystallization water by plants 2022
Parasites during early life mediate the strength of phenotypic selection on sexual traits. 2022
How does the rise of atmospheric water demand affect flash drought development in Spain? 2022
Optical, morphological and electrical properties of NiOx thin films grown by Sol-Gel method for application in optoelectronic devices 2022
Ponencia invitada: "Viajeros y fotógrafos por el territorio de Aragón durante el siglo XIX", congreso Con otros ojos. El arte aragonés visto por los viajeros, 11 de noviembre de 2022, Institución Fernando el Católico (CSIC), Zaragoza 2022
Savanna or not savanna, that is the question: a view from the Guadix-Baza Basin (Spain) 2022
Terapias cardiacas avanzadas con microRNAs basadas en nanoestructuras de DNA 2022
Experimental and numerical characterization of the active behaviour of mouse rotator cuff muscles 2022
Advanced catalyst carrier structures based on solid oxides: light in weight but strong in impact 2022
Synthesis, characterization, and application in rechargeable batteries of CuxS-rGO aerogels 2022
The Acederal Cave: a new Quaternary locality with fossil lynxes in Aragón (Northeastern Spain) 2022
Modelos de inteligencia artificial aplicados a enfermedades poco frecuentes 2022
Can climate change be tackled effectively through a fair and widely accepted carbon pricing policy? 2022