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Eventos de intrusión de polvo africano sobre zonas de la cuenca occidental mediterránea: evolución temporal e implicaciones con el cambio climático 2023
Lamin-mediated chromatin condensation in dilated cardiomyopathy 2023
Is the rhizome hydraulic and nutritionally functional in a Hymenophyllaceae? 2023
Communicating and outreaching palaeosciences through visual arts: lessons from different realms. 2023
DNA nanostructures customized for therapeutic delivery 2023
Sturctural and functional impact of co-culturing iPSC-CM and HCAEC within microfluidic devices exposed to mechanical and electrical stimuli 2023
La Dimensión Exterior de la Presidencia Española del Consejo de la UE 2023 2023
Novel bio-conjugation strategies for DNA-based nanostructures 2023
Exploring carbon nitride properties for electrode in aqueous supercapacitors 2023
The Apoptosis Inducing Factor in cell death: past its key role in the assembly of the degradosome 2023
microRNAs in human cardiac aging: therapeutic targets and biomarkers 2023
Towards integrating palaeoecological and traditional knowledge to preserve the Ethiopian Ericaceous belt. 2023
microRNAs en envejecimiento cardiaco humano: dianas terapéuticas y biomarcadores 2023
Proyecto CO2PPICE: vulnerabilidad y servicios ecosistémicos en tratamientos de resalveo de monte bajo de rebollar en el Moncayo 2023
Unraveling the origin behind the stem CO2 efflux in Quercus ilex and Quercus faginea trees 2023
Carbon/nanocrystals hybrids for aqueous double redox supercapacitor with high energy output 2023
Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer based on lumped element superconducting resonators 2023
Age-related Changes in Tissue Structure of the Heart Left Ventricle Assessed with Multiphoton Microscopy 2023
Nanomechanical study of enzyme: coenzyme complexes: bipartite sites in ferredoxin-nadp+ reductase for the interaction with NADP+ 2023