Title Yearsort ascending
Polyamide 6/ethylene-butylene elastomer blends generated via anionic polymerization of ε-caprolactam. Phase morphology and dynamic mechanical behaviour 2004
Gold glyconanoparticles as new tools in antiadhesive tumoral metastasis therapy 2004
The long and short flavodoxins. II: The role of the differentiating loop in apoflavodoxin stability and folding mechanism 2004
Understanding carbohydrate-carbohydrate interactions by means of Glyconanotechnology 2004
Integral field spectrophotometry of gravitationally lensed QSOs with PMAS 2004
Evolution of Optically Faint AGN from the COMBO-17 and GEMS 2004
Ultraviolet Light from Young Stars in GEMS Quasar Host Galaxies at 1.8<z<2.75 2004
3D-Spectroscopy of Interacting Galaxies 2004
Determinants of endometrial receptivity. 2004
Effects of purifying and adaptive selection on regional variation in human mtDNA. 2004
Structural and kinetic studies of a series of mutants of galactose oxidase identified by directed evolution. 2004
Optical properties of nanostructures from time-dependent density functional theory 2004
Suicide gene therapy: conversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde mediated by human beta 2 alcohol dehydrogenase. 2004
E3D, the Euro3D visualization tool I: Description of the program and its capabilities 2004
Magnetoelastic properties of Pr2Co17-xFex compounds 2004
Use of suicide genes for cancer gene therapy: study of the different approaches. 2004
Cofactor processing galactose oxidase 2004
Transient foamy virus vector production by adenovirus vectors 2004
Oxygen Mobility in A2Ti(2-y)ZryO7 (A: Gd e Y) Ionic Conductors 2004
Skywalking GEMS and UDF 2004