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The histidine-phosphocarrier protein of the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system of Bacillus sphaericus self-associates 2013
The host galaxies of intermediate and high redshift radio quasars 2001
The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on surface urban heat island changes and air-quality improvements across 21 major cities in the Middle 2021
The impact of drought on the productivity of two rainfed crops in Spain 2019
The impact of EU export refunds on the African continent: An impact assessment 2013
The impact of GM feed restrictions on European livestock sectors. 2008
The impact of soil organisms on soil functioning under Neotropical pastures. A case study of a native anecic earthworm species 2004
The impact of Spanish astrophysics in the 1990's 2001
The Impact of the International Economic and Financial Crisis on the De-Europeanization of National Foreign Policies in the Mediterranean 2015
The implications of climate change for the positive contributions of invertebrates to world agriculture 2013
The influence of lung microbiota on lung carcinogenesis, immunity and immunotherapy 2020
The Interaction of Molybdenum Complexes and Polyoxometalates with DNA Models 2022
The interdomain flexible linker of the polypeptide GalNAc transferases (GalNAc-Ts) dictates their long-range glycosylation preferences. 2017
The interplay between ionized gas and massive stars in the HII galaxy IIZw70: integral field spectroscopy with PMAS 2008
The intervening domain from MeCP2 enhances the DNA affinity of the methyl binding domain and provides an independent DNA interaction site 2017
The isolated GTPase-activating-protein-related domain of neurofibromin-1 has a low conformational stability in solution 2021
The isolated major homology region of the HIV capsid protein is mainly unfolded in solution and binds to the intact protein 2011
The Janus project: boosting spin-glass simulations using FPGAs 2013
The Janus project: Boosting spin-glass simulations using FPGAs 2013
The Kestrel. Ecology, behaviour and conservation of an open-land predator 2021