Title Yearsort ascending
Alignment-Dependent Ionization of N2, O2, and CO2 in Intense Laser Fields 2010
Ab initio molecular dynamics on the electronic Boltzmann equilibrium distribution 2010
Ab Initio Modelling of the Excited State Dynamics of Clusters and Nanostructures With Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Linear and Nonlinear Regimes 2010
Femtoscond Laser Pulse Shaping for Enhanced Ionization 2009
Single-active-electron approximation for molecules in strong laser fields : Test application to H2 2009
Exact Coulomb Cutoff Technique for Supercell Calculations in Two Dimensions 2009
Modified Ehrenfest Formalism for Efficient Large Scale Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics 2009
Optical and Magnetic Properties of Boron Fullerenes 2009
Acceleration of Quantum Optimal Control Theory Algorithms with Mixing Strategies 2009
The Challenge of Predicting Optical Properties of Biomolecules: Pros and Cons of Time Dependent Density Functional Theory 2009
Density Functional Study of the Structural and Electronic Properties of Aluminium-Lithium Clusters 2008
The role of dimensionality on the quenching of spin-orbit effects in the optics of gold nanostructures 2008
Optimal laser control of double quantum dots 2008
Cluster-surface and cluster-cluster interactions: Ab initio calculations and modeling of asymptotic van der Waals forces 2008
On the use of Neumann’s principle for the calculation of the polarizability tensor of nanostructures 2008
Single-Active-Electron Approximation for Describing Molecules in Ultrashort Laser Pulses and Its Application to Molecular Hydrogen 2008
Electron localization function for two-dimensional systems 2008
Coherent quantum switch driven by optimized laser pulses 2008
Efficient calculation of van der Waals dispersion coefficients with time-dependent density functional theory in real time: application to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 2007
Molecules and clusters in strong laser fields 2007