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3d Spin Glass and 2d Ferromagnetic XY model: a Comparison 1997
A lattice Monte Carlo study of Inverse Symmetry Breaking in a two scalar model in three dimensions 1998
A model of pair aggregation 1996
A Monte Carlo study of Inverse Symmetry Breaking 1998
A multisite microcanonical updating method 1996
A statics-dynamics equivalence through the fluctuation–dissipation ratio provides a window into the spin-glass phase from nonequilibrium measurements 2017
Aging Rate of Spin Glasses from Simulations Matches Experiments 2018
An FPGA-based supercomputer for Statistical Physics: the weird case of Janus 2013
Analysis of academic productivity based on Complex Networks 2015
Analyzing the potential impact of BREXIT on the European research collaboration network 2020
Antiferromagnetism in four dimensions: search for non-triviality 1997
Continuum limit of finite temperature lambda phi(4)(3) from lattice Monte Carlo 1997
Critical parameters of the three-dimensional Ising spin glass 2013
Dedicated Computer for Spin Models 1996
Do researchers collaborate in a similar way to publish and to develop projects? 2019
Dynamical transition in the D=3 Edwards-Anderson spin glass in an external magnetic field 2014
Experience on RTN 1992
Finite temperature lambda phi4 model from lattice Monte Carlo 1997
Identification of risk features for complication in Gaucher''s disease patients: A machine learning analysis of the Spanish registry of Gaucher disease 2020
Impact of immunoparesis on Gaucher disease (GD): Results from a network relationship analysis of data at diagnosis of the patients included in the Spanish registry of GD 2020