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The Shape of the Blue/UV Continuum of B3-VLA Radio Quasars 1998
The Low Concentration Determination of Nitrous Oxide and Volatile Anaesthetics by FTIR 1998
Inverse Symmetry Breaking on the lattice: an accurate MC study 1999
Reproductive strategies of three native earthworm species from the savannas of Carimagua (Colombia). 1999
Synthesis and Characterization of OsH2Cl[k-N,k-O(ON=CR2)](PiPr3)2 [CR2 = C(CH2)4CH2, R = CH3]: Influence of the L2 Ligand on the Nature of the H2 Unit in OsH2ClL2(PiPr3)2 [L2 = ON=CR2, NH=C(Ph)C6H4] Complexes 1999
Effect of exclusion of the anecic earthworm Martiodrilus carimaguensis Jiménez and Moreno on soil properties and plant-growth in grasslands of the Eastern plains of Colombia 1999
Nitrogen dynamics associated with earthworm casts of Martiodrilus carimaguensis Jiménez and Moreno in a Colombian savanna Oxisol 1999
Temperature and pressure dependence of the volumetric properties of binary mixtures containing polyhaloalkanes. 1999
The shape of the blue/UVcontinuum of B3-VLA radio quasars: dependence on redshift, blue/UVluminosity and radio power 1999
Modification of the polycarbonate/ poly(vinylidene fuoride) interface by poly(methyl methacrylate). Effect on the interfacial adhesion and interfacial tension 1999
Simultaneous multifrequency observations of the BL Lac MS 0205.7+3509 1999
The binding of FMN to Anabæna Apoflavodoxin 1999
Fragmenta Chorologica Occidentalia. Lichenes 7040-7082 1999
Electrochemical Lithium Insertion in Nb8-nW9+nO47 (1 ≤ n ≤ 6) 1999
Miscibility of poly(vinylidene fluoride) and poly(methyl methacrylate-co-zinc polyacrylate) ionomers 1999
A first approximation checklist of the lichens of the Valencian Community. 1999
Compatibilization of immiscible polymer blends (PC/PVDF) by the addition of a third polymer (PMMA): Analysis of phase morphology and mechanical properties 1999
Preparation of quinilines by reduction of o-nitroarenes with zinc in near-critical water 1999
La firma electrónica en las declaraciones tributarias 1999
Respiratory chain enzyme activities in spermatozoa from untreated Parkinson's disease patients. 1999