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Whispering Gallery Mode Lasing from Hexagonal Shaped Layered Lead Iodide Crystals 2015
Whole sequence of the mitochondrial DNA genome of Kearns Sayre síndrome patients: identification of deletions and variants. 2018
Why the Setting Up of Interparliamentary Conferences (IPCs) in the EU Revitalizes the Neglected Concept of “Civilian Power Europe” (CPE) 2018
Wide genomic analysis of human endometrial receptivity. New times, new opportunities. 2007
Wild boar rooting and livestock grazing activities affect alpine earthworm communities in the Central Pyrenees (Spain) 2014
Wine by-products feeding on ewe physiological traits, milk quality and the meat quality of their suckling lambs 2018
Within-brood size differences, sex and parasites determine blood stress protein levels in Eurasian Kestrel nestlings. 2004
Xenobiotics that affect oxidative phosphorylation alter differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells at concentrations that are found in human blood. 2015
XIII Jornadas sobre Producción animal 2009
XPS Analysis of the PC/PVDF interface modified by PMMA. Location of the PMMA at the interface 2000
Y chromosomal characterization of Turkish native sheep breeds. 2011
Y chromosome haplotype characterization of Tunisian sheep breeds 2015
Young and Explosive BAL QSOs (at low and high redshifts) 2005
Young modulus, mechanical and electrical properties of isolated individual and bundled single-walled boron nitride nanotubes 2011
Young stars in high-z QSO host galaxies 2006
Zaragoza en la fotografía estereoscópica de principios del siglo XX: El Turismo Práctico 2009
Zinc induced folding is essential for TIM15 activity as an mtHsp70 chaperone 2013
[Deletions of the mitochondrial DNA associated to chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia with ragged-red fibers in 2 Brazilian patients] 2006
[Diseases of the human mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system] 2006
[EN GRIEGO] [La politeia europea: el arte de la co-decisión] 2009