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New methodologies to test antibiotic susceptibility against emerging pathogens in cystic fibrosis 2019
Marker assisted selection in Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed by using a SNP panel for parentage assigment 2019
European parliamentary networks in the scrutiny of security policy-making 2019
Linking biogeography and evolution: environmental variation and evolutionary dynamics of phenotypes in wild bird populations 2019
Impact of drought variability on remote sensing vegetation activity in Spain: a high spatial resolution analysis from 1981 to 2015 2019
Analysis of the distributional impacts of the Spanish climate and energy policy using a Dynamic-econometric IO model 2019
Mode of action elucidation studies of the avermectins against Mycobacteria 2019
A linkage between biophysical and economic models: Assessing the economic impacts of soil erosion 2019
Fur proteins as putative sensors of carbon/nitrogen balance: 2-oxoglutarate modulates the affinity of FurA for the NtcA promoter in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 2019
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Mathematical model of meropenem against Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2019
Evolution of the inner skull cavities in Eusuchia 2019
Magnon-light strong interaction: vortices and skyrmions in a waveguide 2019
Search for annual modulation with ANAIS112: two years results 2019
Commutator-free Magnus Propagators for Quantum- Classical Molecular Dynamics 2019
Role of MeCP2 intrinsically disordered regions in stability and DNA binding 2019
Ancient Sus DNA at the Neolithic site of Cova de Els Trocs, Spain 2019
Caracterización de las bandas de energía de semiconductores nanocristalinos empleando diversas técnicas y comparativa entre ellas 2019
Effect on the system of alkaline water electroysers following dynamic operation patterns in view of grid balancing services 2019
Association studies for the age at first lambing in Rasa Aragonesa ewes 2019