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The Master Oiler 2020
The mechanism of allosteric coupling in choline kinase α1 revealed by a rationally designed inhibitor 2013
The Mechanism of Allosteric Coupling in Choline Kinase α1 Revealed by the Action of a Rationally Designed Inhibitor. 2013
The mechanism of low density lipoprotein (LDL) release in the endosome: Implications of the stability and Ca2+ affinity of the fifth binding module of the LDL receptor. 2008
The merging/AGN connection. II. Ionization of the circumnuclear regions 2005
The merging/AGN connection: a case for 3D spectroscopy 2004
The mitochondrial protein Bak is pivotal for gliotoxin-induced apoptosis and a critical host factor of A. fumigatus virulence in mice 2006
The Mpemba effect in spin glasses is a persistent memory effect 2019
The Multifaceted Function of Granzymes in Sepsis: Some Facts and a Lot to Discover. 2020
The multisite PeachRefPop collection: A true cultural heritage and international scientific tool for fruit trees 2020
The nature of HHL 73 from optical imaging and integral field spectroscopy 2008
The near-infrared properties of the host galaxies of radio quasars 2003
The new Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the CFSP/CSDP 2014
The New Strains Brucella inopinata BO1 and Brucella spp. 83-210 Behave Biologically Like Classical Infectious Brucella spp. and Cause Death in Murine Models of Infection 2014
The Night Sky at the Calar Alto Observatory 2007
The Night Sky at the Calar Alto Observatory II: The Sky at the Near-infrared 2008
The novel Mechanical Ventilator Milano for the COVID-19 pandemic 2021
The nuclear localization sequence of the epigenetic factor RYBP binds to human Importin α3 2021
The omnipresence of transboundary effects: A global, systemic, model based approach for analysing the SDGs 2021
The origins, structures and functions of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly´ 2013