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Brexit: Potential impacts on the economic welfare of UK farm households 2020
Brexit: How Will UK Agriculture Fare? 2018
Breaking the Nd3+-sensitized upconversion nanoparticles myth about the need of onion-layered structures 2018
Brazil’s sugarcane embitters the EU-Mercosur trade talks 2021
Brasil como potencia emergente y su impacto sobre el concepto de potencia civil europea: una evaluación preliminar 2011
Brain pyrimidine nucleotide synthesis and Alzheimer disease 2019
Brain and pneumatic cavities of the braincase of the basal alligatoroid Diplocynodon tormis (Eocene, Spain) 2019
Brain and labyrinth anatomy of the Gondwanan Jurassic sauropod Dicraeosaurus 2017
Bottom-up synthesized MoS2 interfacing polymer carbon nanodots with electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution 2020
Boron-nitride and boron-carbonitride (BCN) NTs: synthesis, characterization and theory 2010
Boron nitride materials: an overview from 0D to 3D (nano) structures 2015
Borderea Miégeville. 2005
Book review of ´Daniel Innerarity, La democracia en Europa [Democracy in Europe] 2019
Book Review of The Rise and Fall of Europeanization. What is Next for EU-Turkey Relations? 2020
Bony labyrinth morphology clarifies the origin and evolution of deer 2017
Blood transcriptome of Rasa Aragonesa rams with different sexual behavior phenotype reveals CRYL1 and SORCS2 as genes associated with this trait 2023
Blood corticosterone levels and intersexual selection games: Best-of-bad-job strategies of male common lizards 2012
Blocking NUPR1 protein, a successful approach for pancreatic adenocarcinoma treatment 2017
Blockable Zn10L15 ion channels via subcomponent self-assembly. 2017
Blinking effect and the use of quantum dots in single molecule spectroscopy 2013