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Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia 2017
Ability of PMMA to improve the PC/PVDF interfacial adhesion 1997
Aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy with Zernike phase plates 2022
Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics on the Electronic Boltzmann Equilibrium Distribution 2010
Ab initio molecular dynamics on the electronic Boltzmann equilibrium distribution 2010
Ab Initio Modelling of the Excited State Dynamics of Clusters and Nanostructures With Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Linear and Nonlinear Regimes 2010
Ab initio calculations of the lattice dynamics of boron nitride nanotubes 2003
A weak lensing estimate from GEMS of the virial to stellar mass ratio in massive galaxies to z ~ 0.8 2006
A War on Mobility: the Border Empire Strikes Back? 2019
A unified framework based on the binding polynomial for characterizing biological systems by isothermal titration calorimetry 2015
A Tutorial on Density Functional Theory 2003
A trapped covalent intermediate of a glycoside hydrolase on the pathway to transglycosylation. Insights from experiments and QM/MM simulations. 2016
A transcriptomic investigation of handicap models in sexual selection 2013
A Theoretical Study of Methylation and CH/π Interactions in DNA Intercalation: Methylated 1,10-Phenanthroline in Adenine-Thymine Base Pairs 2016
A TDR wireless system for volumetric water content measurement 2021
A synergy between the biophysical and the economic: Assessing the global market impacts of soil erosion 2019
A survey for DLA galaxies with integral field spectroscopy 2005
A Suitable Duplex-PCR for Ovine Embryo Sex and Genotype of PrnP Gene Determination for MOET-based Selection Programmes 2011
A Study of Lithium Insertion in W4Nb26O77: Synthesis and Characterization of New Phases 1996
A structural and thermodynamic scape mechanism from a drug resistant mutation of the HIV-1 protease 2004