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Population dynamics and adaptive strategies of Martiodrilus carimaguensis nov. sp. (Glossoscolecidae, Oligochaeta), a native species from the well-drained savannas of Colombia 1998
Earthworms as a resource in tropical agroecosystems 1998
A lattice Monte Carlo study of Inverse Symmetry Breaking in a two scalar model in three dimensions 1998
C-H Activation of Methyl Vinyl Ketone in Ir(acac){eta2-CH2=CHC(O)CH3}(PCy3) 1998
A Monte Carlo study of Inverse Symmetry Breaking 1998
Earthworm communities in native savannas and man-made pastures of the Eastern plains of Colombia 1998
Estudio de la flora briofítica del término municipal de Jávea 1997
Systems, technology and fractals in administrative decision making 1997
B-K Colours of Low-Luminosity Radio Quasars 1997
Lithium and Sodium Insertion in W3Nb14O44, a Block Structure Type Phase 1997
Ring1A is a transcriptional repressor that interacts with the Polycomb-M33 protein and is expressed at rhombomere boundaries in the mouse hindbrain. 1997
Host Galaxies of Low Luminosity Radio QSOs 1997
Differential stabilization of the three FMN redox forms by Tyrosine 94 and Tryptophan 57 in flavodoxin from Anabæna and its influence on the redox potentials 1997
Ability of PMMA to improve the PC/PVDF interfacial adhesion 1997
Overview of TTP´s: the project Aequitas 1997
Antiferromagnetism in four dimensions: search for non-triviality 1997
Finite temperature lambda phi4 model from lattice Monte Carlo 1997
Continuum limit of finite temperature lambda phi(4)(3) from lattice Monte Carlo 1997
3d Spin Glass and 2d Ferromagnetic XY model: a Comparison 1997