Títuloorden ascendente Año
Brasil como potencia global y su impacto sobre el concepto de potencia civil europea 2011
Bosonic Models with quantum circuits 2012
bosonic models in quantum circuits 2012
Bone histology and growth of deer: preliminary results from bone histology 2018
Bona fide induction of apoptosis in transformed cells during photothermal therapy using gold nanoprisms 2014
Blocking NUPR1 protein, a successful approach for pancreatic adenocarcinoma treatment 2017
Black Carbon in Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests of Costa Rica 2008
Bismuth: Playground for quantum and spintronic experiments 2015
Bismuth-based colloidal nanocrystals for solution-processed solar cells 2019
Bis-MPA dendritic derivatives as gene delivery agents 2013
Bis-MPA dendritic derivatives as gene delivery agents 2013
Bis(methyl)gliotoxin proves to be a stable and reliable biomarker for invasive aspergillosis and suitable for use in diagnosis. 2012
Biosynthesis, purification and delivery of supercoiled plasmid DNA for cancer gene therapy 2011
Biopsia Térmica Líquida como método diagnóstico rápido y no invasivo para detección de adenocarcinoma ductal de páncreas (PDAC) 2018
Biophysical tools for drug discovery: Blocking protein-protein interactions in IDPs 2018
Biophysical investigation on mutations in Group II chaperonins (CCT/TRiC) modeled in the thermosome of the archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus 2016
Biophysical characterization of E336K mutant of the human apoptosis inducing factor 2018
Biomimetic porous hierarchical ceramics for energy applications 2018
Biomarker Assemblages in Estuarine Sediments from the Southwest Atlantic Coast of Spain (Gulf of Cadiz) 2004