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D. Spigolon, D. Travis Gallagher, A. Velazquez-Campoy, D. Bulone, J. Narang, P.L. San Biagio, F. Cappello, A.J.L. Macario, E. Conway de Macario, F.T. Robb. Quantitative analysis of the impact of a human pathogenic mutation on the CCT5 chaperonin subunit using a proxy archaeal ortholog Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 12:66-71
M. Sebastian, E. Lira-Navarrete, A. Serrano, C. Marcuello, A. Velazquez-Campoy, A. Lostao, R. Hurtado-Guerrero, M. Medina*, M. Martinez-Julvez. Título: The FAD synthetase from the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae: A bifunctional enzyme exhibiting activity-dependent redox requirements. Scientific Reports 2017, 7:7609
E. Lamazares, S. Vega, P. Ferreira, M. Medina, J.J. Galano, M. Martinez-Julvez, A. Velazquez-Campoy, J. Sancho. Direct examination of the relevance for folding, binding and electron transfer of a conserved protein folding intermediate. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017, 19:19021-19031
M. Sebastian, A. Serrano, A. Velazquez-Campoy, M. Medina. Kinetics and thermodynamics of the protein-ligand interactions in the riboflavin kinase activity of the FAD synthetase from Corynebacterium ammoniagenes. Scientific Reports 2017, 7:7281
M.M. Koskela, K.M. Dahlström, G. Goñi, N. Lehtimäki, M. Nurmi, A. Velazquez-Campoy, G. Hanke, B. Bölter, T.A. Salminen, M. Medina, P. Mulo. Arabidopsis FNRL protein is an NADPH-dependent chloroplast oxidoreductase resembling bacterial ferredoxin-NADP+ reductases. Physiologia Plantarum 2017

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