Latest Publications

Simon Hettler*, Mohammad Furqan, Raul Arenal*, “Support-based transfer and contacting of individual nanomaterials for in-situ nanoscale investigations”, Small Methods 2400034 (2024). doi:
Cazcarro, I., Rodrigo-Sauco, F., Sanz-Arceaga, E. (2024). The determinants of Spaniards’ preferences over favoring wealth taxation: do they behave similarly across different policy alternatives? Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas
de la Puente, L., Echevarría, L., Igual, J.M., Ferrio, J.P., Palacio, S. (2024) Changes in soil microbiota alter root exudation and rhizosphere pH of the gypsum endemic Ononis tridentata L.. Plant Soil (2024).
J. Gil-Jaime and J. Olmo (2024). Measuring and testing systemic risk from the cross section of stock returns. Forthcoming at Journal of Financial Econometrics (DOI: 10.1093/jjfinec/nbae005)
Y. Jiang, J. Olmo and M. Atwi (2024). Dynamic robust portfolio selection under market distress. North American Journal of Economics and Finance Volume 69, Part B, 102037.

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