The ARAID Foundation throughout the year International Calls to hire up to a certain number of researchers (specified in each call) in the specific research areas open in each call, who demonstrate a solid research career and a great capacity for leadership. The call for applications is open to candidates of any nationality that fit the requirements of academic and research background
The final number of researchers to be hired depend on the quality of the applications and budget availability.
ARIAD researchers are based at 'Host Institutions'. Host Institutions that have a framework agreement with ARAID, may present a maximum of three applications per Call. If an Institution/center supports more than 3 applications, these will be removed from the application system, and will not be evaluated
The Legal Representative and Scientific Research/Manager of a Host Institution, cannot support candidates (by signing the Expression of Interest form) to work in other Centers/Host Institutions. Each Scientific Research/Manager can only support applicants in one Host Institution. In case of not meeting this requirement, all applications supported by that Research Manager will be removed from the application system, and will not be evaluated. Each candidate can only submit an application to work in one Host Institution. If one applicant applies via more than one Host, all their applications will be removed from the application system and will not be evaluated.
Applications must be sent electronically through the ARAID website, before the established date set in each call.

Job Description

In each call, researchers will be hired for permanent and full-time work contracts, developing their activity in Research Centers located in the region of Aragon. These Researchers are expected to contribute substantially to the development of their research area and reinforce or help create new research teams, in addition to actively participating in the Scientific community in Aragon.
The contracts offered are permanent according local law with periodic performance revisions. There are various salary ranges depending on the applicant researchers' experience and work position. Final salary will be in line with those of professionals with similar responsibilities at the Host Institution and in accordance with the regional legislation on the remuneration of personnel at the service of the Administration of the Autonomous Region of Aragon and its related entities.
ARAID commits to assist foreign researchers with their visa and work permit procedures. The contracts will be effective only when the selected candidate is legally able to work in Spain.

Candidates Requisites

Candidates are required to have a minimum of 6 years of postdoctoral experience (at the end of the application submission period); with at least two PostDoc years spent in national or international research centers of recognized prestige, outside of Aragon.
Candidates applying for an ARAID position at their current institutions must have obtained their current contract no earlier than a date that wil be specified in each call.

Application Requisites:

Only complete applications within the deadline will be evaluated.
Complete applications consists of on:
• Curriculum Vitae
• Application Form (research areas and project)
• Reference/Support letter (on the candidate and/or project)
• Declaration of interest, signed by the Host Institution.
Application, Curriculum Vitae and letters are uploaded to the Call system by the Applicant The Declaration of Interest is to be uploaded by the Scientific Research Manager of the Host Institution. The Declaration of Interest must be signed electronically by the Responsible agent of the Administration of the Host Institution, as well as the Legal Representative and Scientific Research Manager at the Host Institution and sent to, before the deadline.
Candidates should mention if they have received support from the European Research Council to fund their project and have been recipient of any awards (e.g. the Aragon Investiga Awards. Granted by the Aragon regional Government). Host Institutions should mention in their declaration of Interest if the projects will be part of any Complementary Plans in Aragon.

Evaluation Process

ARAID is a Program of Excellence recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Universities and by the European Commission`s HR Excellence in research award, and its calls obey and comply with the principles of equality and transparency.
Applications will be assessed by expert peer review evaluators, whose responsibility will be to evaluate the scientific excellence and leadership capacity of candidates and rank them on their merits and potential. The expert evaluators are provided by the Agency of Quality and University Prospective of Aragon (ACPUA) from their lists of experts in the areas of knowledge pertaining to the research areas/focus of the applications.
Based on this assessment, and on interviews conducted with the best ranked candidates,ARAID will make final job offers, after approval by its Board of Trustees.
Each Call will indicate the date by which results can be expected. Visa and work permit application procedures should begin as soon as possible after accepting offers. The maximum time granted for the incorporation of the researcher to his job position is indicated in each call.


For information about Research Development and innovation R&D&i agents in the community of Aragon visit Aragón Investiiga
The precise conditions and requisites for ach call will be those published in the Call info at Open calls section in ARAID's website.