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Nanomechanical study of enzyme: coenzyme complexes: bipartite sites in ferredoxin-nadp+ reductase for the interaction with NADP+ 2023
DNA nanostructures customized for therapeutic delivery 2023
Expanding Eurostat’s FIGARO MRIO database: industry disaggregation, and environmental and labour extensions 2023
Ponencia invitada: "Cinco daguerrotipos aragoneses y un presunto fraude", V Conference on research in history of photography, IFC (CSIC), Zaragoza, 26 de octubre de 2023 2023
Lamin-mediated chromatin condensation in dilated cardiomyopathy 2023
Redox active nanocrystals and electrolyte for a high energy aqueous supercapacitor 2023
Coating DNA-based nanostructures through novel bio-conjugation approaches 2023
Role of Age-related CX43 Remodeling in Human Ventricular Arrhythmic Risk: A Combined Experimental and In Silico Investigation 2023
I would like to show you an Embothrium coccineum woody genet 2023
Potencial de la gestión forestal para la mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático 2023
La Geomática como estrategia para la investigación arqueológica 2023
Growth to survive: potential hydraulic implications of low growth in oaks 2023
A progerin-inducible human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell line to study cardiac cell aging 2023
Tailored Synthesis of Nanostructured mixed metal oxides 2023
Proyecto CO2PPICE: vulnerabilidad y servicios ecosistémicos en tratamientos de resalveo de monte bajo de rebollar en el Moncayo 2023
Eventos de intrusión de polvo africano sobre zonas de la cuenca occidental mediterránea: evolución temporal e implicaciones con el cambio climático 2023
Electrical, optical and morphological properties of NiOx thin films grown by Sol-Gel method for application in optoelectronic devices 2023
Communicating and outreaching palaeosciences through visual arts: lessons from different realms. 2023
Workshop: Europe In An Uncertain World: Openness, Resilience And Vulnerabilities Of Small States And Middle Powers 2023