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Redox active nanocrystals and electrolyte for a high energy aqueous supercapacitor 2023
Coating DNA-based nanostructures through novel bio-conjugation approaches 2023
Role of Age-related CX43 Remodeling in Human Ventricular Arrhythmic Risk: A Combined Experimental and In Silico Investigation 2023
I would like to show you an Embothrium coccineum woody genet 2023
La Geomática como estrategia para la investigación arqueológica 2023
Growth to survive: potential hydraulic implications of low growth in oaks 2023
A progerin-inducible human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell line to study cardiac cell aging 2023
Eventos de intrusión de polvo africano sobre zonas de la cuenca occidental mediterránea: evolución temporal e implicaciones con el cambio climático 2023
Electrical, optical and morphological properties of NiOx thin films grown by Sol-Gel method for application in optoelectronic devices 2023
Communicating and outreaching palaeosciences through visual arts: lessons from different realms. 2023
Workshop: Europe In An Uncertain World: Openness, Resilience And Vulnerabilities Of Small States And Middle Powers 2023
Is the rhizome hydraulic and nutritionally functional in a Hymenophyllaceae? 2023
Premature defoliation under drought may reduce hydraulic risk but at the expense of nutrient and carbon imbalance in Quercus pyrenaica 2023
Carbon/nanocrystals hybrids for aqueous double redox supercapacitor with high energy output 2023
Cardiomiocitos derivados de células pluripotentes inducidas (hiPSC-CM) con progerina inducible para estudiar envejecimiento cardiaco 2023
A cointegration test robust to general forms of dependence in the innovation sequences 2023
The Apoptosis Inducing Factor in cell death: past its key role in the assembly of the degradosome 2023
Towards integrating palaeoecological and traditional knowledge to preserve the Ethiopian Ericaceous belt. 2023
La Dimensión Exterior de la Presidencia Española del Consejo de la UE 2023 2023