Title Yearsort ascending
A linkage between biophysical and economic models: Assessing the economic impacts of soil erosion 2019
Structural analysis of bioeconomy sectors in the European Union 2019
Examining Sustainable Development Goal Planetary Trade-offs Through the Quantification of BioEconomy Public Policy Interventions 2019
Revisiting agricultural domestic support in the GTAP Database 2019
The impacts of food waste reductions by EU households, Medium-Term Outlook for the EU Agricultural Commodity Markets 2018
Impacts of a NoCAP Scenario on Sub-Saharan Africa 2018
AGLINK-COSIMO: Economic Impact on Agriculture of a Low Carbon Economy 2018
Can the evolution of the European bioeconomy contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? 2018
Impacts of a NoCAP Scenario on Sub-Saharan Africa 2018
European agricultural policy: A new CAP at a crossroad between market competitiveness and sustainability 2017
Cumulative Economic Assessment of Future Trade Agreements on EU Agriculture 2017
Assessing Potential EU Trade Competitiveness from Abolition of the EU dairy Quota 2016
Linking three market models to project Russian and Ukrainian wheat markets till 2030 2016
Impact of Alternative Trade Agreements on Agricultural and Food Trade for the former Commonwealth of Independent States 2016
Drivers of the European Bioeconomy in Transition (Bioeconomy2030) 2016
Analysis of Structural Patterns in highly disaggregated bio-based sectors on EU Member State level with IO Multipliers 2016
The Cost of import prohibition for political reasons: A CGE Analysis of the Russian ban on agri-food products 2015
EU Agricultural domestic support in GTAP: A proposal for an alternative approach 2015
2020 Common Agricultural Policy in Spain. General Equilibrium Effects of an EU28 budget deal 2015
Validating CGE Models employing an historical approach 2014