Title Yearsort ascending
The omnipresence of transboundary effects: A global, systemic, model based approach for analysing the SDGs 2021
Getting your hands dirty: A data digging exercise to unearth the EU's bio-based chemical sector 2021
Bio-based value chains for chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals: A comparison of bio-based and fossil based value chains 2021
European Union Agricultural Support 'Coupling' in Simulation Modelling: Measuring the Sustainability Impacts 2021
Eating your greens: a global sustainability assessment 2021
Constructing an open access economy-wide database for bioeconomy impact assessment in the European Union member states 2020
Brexit: Potential impacts on the economic welfare of UK farm households 2020
Development of a bioeconomy monitoring framework for the European Union: An integrative and collaborative approach 2020
Living at the water’s edge: A world-wide econometric panel estimation of arable water footprint drivers 2020
Snakes and ladders: World development pathway’s synergies and trade-offs through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals 2020
Economic Impacts of a Low Carbon Economy on Global Agriculture: The Bumpy Road to Paris 2019
Waste not, want not: A bioeconomic assessment of household food waste reductions in the EU 2019
Alternate Global Transition Pathways to 2050: Prospects for the Bioeconomy - An application of the MAGNET model with SDG insights 2019
A synergy between the biophysical and the economic: Assessing the global market impacts of soil erosion 2019
Assessing the Impacts of the EU Bioeconomy on Third Countries 2019
Melitz Meets Milk: The Impact of Quota Abolition on EU Dairy Export Competitiveness 2019
Levelling the Playing Field for EU Biomass Usage 2019
How might UK Agriculture Thrive or Survive? 2019
A Foresight Study of European East-West Agrifood Trade Options 2018
BioSAMs for the EU Member States. Constructing Social Accounting Matrices with a detailed disaggregation of the bio-economy 2018