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Exploring the hydraulic functioning of Viscum album L. and its relationship with the host tree Pinus sylvestris L. 2024
Scaling relationships between xylem and phloem in oak petioles 2024
Determining stomatal response to vapour pressure deficit from gas exchange measurements: conceptual and methodological challenges 2024
Premature defoliation under drought may reduce hydraulic risk but at the expense of nutrient and carbon imbalance in Quercus pyrenaica 2023
Unraveling the origin behind the stem CO2 efflux in Quercus ilex and Quercus faginea trees 2023
I would like to show you an Embothrium coccineum woody genet 2023
Potencial de la gestión forestal para la mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático 2023
Proyecto CO2PPICE: vulnerabilidad y servicios ecosistémicos en tratamientos de resalveo de monte bajo de rebollar en el Moncayo 2023
Is the rhizome hydraulic and nutritionally functional in a Hymenophyllaceae? 2023
New paired FLUXNET sites to evaluate the potential of adaptive forest management to enhance carbon sequestration, water use efficiency, and resilience of Mediterranean oak forests 2023
Growth to survive: potential hydraulic implications of low growth in oaks 2023
Revisiting the ecological role of leaf morphology in genus Quercus to cope with different environmental restrictions 2022
Oak coppice under different management scenarios in Moncayo (NE Spain) 2022
Ecohydrological niche segregation among coexisting C3 and C4 desert shrubs in a gypsum-calcareus formation (NW Iran) 2022
An approach to the mechanisms of use of gypsum crystallization water by plants 2022
Disentangling water sources in a gypsum plant community. Tracing the use of gypsum crystalline water 2021
Contrasting functional strategies following severe drought in two mediterranean oaks with different leaf habit 2021
Energy-balance models for non-intrusive monitoring of tree water use of overaged oak coppices in response to different management strategies 2021
Multi-isotope labelling reveals different patterns of uptake and transport of water, NO3 and NH4 in a poikilohydric epiphytic fern 2021
Study of water uptake mechanisms in plants living in gypsum 2021