Title Yearsort ascending
High frequency response of biomass-derived carbon in aqueous electrochemical capacitor 2021
Investigation of the CO2 adsorption capacity of chars produced by pyrolysis of macro-components of digested manure and their blends 2021
Disentangling water sources in a gypsum plant community. Tracing the use of gypsum crystalline water 2021
Variaciones temporales y altitudinales a nivel poblacional e individual en el topillo nival (Chionomys nivalis). 2021
All for one and one for all – Considerations about holistic challenges of sustainability analysis 2021
Geoethics' case studies: Palaeontology and Geoheritage 2021
When nanochemistry meets food packaging: development of active materials based on polyoxymetalates and nanocelluloses 2021
Injection of hydrogen in high-pressure gas grids: technical, regulatory and legal aspects 2021
Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Agricultural and Food Markets in Africa: A Global Simulation Model Exercise 2021
Multi-isotope labelling reveals different patterns of uptake and transport of water, NO3 and NH4 in a poikilohydric epiphytic fern 2021
"Ilegalidad en origen": Repensar la producción escalar y la externalización de fronteras 2021
Dark matter annual modulation with ANAIS-112: three years results 2021
Nanobody libraries: a toolkit for cancer diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. 2021
Colaboración, interdisciplinariedad e internacionalización en la construcción de aprendizajes significa6vos. La experiencia del Seminario de Pensamiento Económico Crítico 2021
A nonparametric network regression model using partitioning estimators 2021
Enzymatic inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DprE1 protein by the anti-parasitic selamectin lacks translation into phenotypic activity 2021
Carbon-nanoparticles hybrids as electrodes in electrochemical energy storage systems 2021
Diplomacia parlamentaria: Ejemplos y definiciones 2021
A Combined Theoretical/Experimental Laboratory Study on Isopropyl Nitrate Pyrolysis 2021
Age-associated changes in myocardial fibrosis amount and distribution quantified from nonlinear optical microscopy images 2021