Title Yearsort ascending
Development of non-invasive Immunotargeted imaging agents for the diagnosis of PDAC 2020
Resistance to selamectin in Mycobacterium smegmatis is associated with changes in the mycobacterial envelope 2020
Drug discovery for inhibiting Bacteroides fragilis toxin 2020
¿Por qué es fundamental un seguimiento de los individuos que conforman las poblaciones para conservar especies? El caso del topillo nival en el Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido 2020
Drawing with Molecules Using Dip-Pen Nanolithography 2020
Probing the antiknock effect of anisole through an ignition, speciation and modeling study of its blends with isooctane 2020
NOEL: Innovative Nanostructured Electrodes for Energy Storage Concepts 2020
Participación en mesa redonda “2nd Workshop Water-Energy-Food Nexus” 2020
What does the HCN decomposition gas release tell us about the stability of formamidinium based perovskite? 2020
Nanomedicina para las enfermedades raras 2020
Border Externalization: Trajectories and future directions for the study of dis/un/re-placed borders. Panel Session A 2020
Expert Campus | Focus on tuberculosis 2020
Customised DNA-based Nanomaterials for Bioimaging and Biomimetics 2020
Oligomerization properties and structural insights of FurC (PerR) 2020
Modelling Fiscal Changes for the Electricity Sector Using a Disaggregated Computable General Equilibrium Model for Spain 2020
Fighting Mycobacterium abscessus infection in Cystic Fibrosis patients 2020
Human apoptosis inducing factor: Molecular basis of its cellular activities and neurodegenerative disorders 2020
Dendritic nanocarriers for hepatitis C treatment 2020
Potential perspectives of molecular recognition imaging at the single molecule level for detection. The case of Strept(avidin):biotin system analyzed at nanoscale level 2020
Organ Bioengineering: The Future of Transplantation Medicine 2020