Title Yearsort ascending
Novel Rare-earth-containing Manganites Ba4REMn3O12 (RE = Ce and Pr) with 12R Structure 2004
Integral field spectroscopy of QSO host galaxies 2004
CMOS-integrated, cantilever-based sensor devices: the Biofinger Project 2004
A link between sequence conservation and domain motion within the AAA+ family 2004
Pressure enhancement of the giant magnetocaloric effect in Tb5Si2Ge2 2004
Suicide gene therapy: conversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde mediated by human beta 2 alcohol dehydrogenase. 2004
HE 0047-1756: A new gravitationally lensed double QSO 2004
E3D, The Euro3D Visualization Tool 2004
GEMS: Galaxy Evolution from Morphologies and SEDs 2004
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Interaction of Alkali Calcium Silicate Glasses with Salt Melts in the Pb(NO3)2-KNO3 System 2004
Gold glyconanoparticles as new tools in antiadhesive tumoral metastasis therapy 2004
The long and short flavodoxins I: The role of the differentiating loop in apoflavodoxin structure and FMN binding 2004
Integral field spectroscopy of the gravitational lens HE1104-1805 2004
Integral field spectrophotometry of gravitationally lensed QSOs with PMAS 2004
Vibrational Studies of A(B’2/3B’’1/3)O3 Perovskites (A = Ba, Sr; B’ = Y, Sm, Dy, Gd, In; B’’ = Mo, W) 2004
Evolution of Optically Faint AGN from the COMBO-17 and GEMS 2004
3D-Spectroscopy of Interacting Galaxies 2004
Determinants of endometrial receptivity. 2004
Dew points of binary carbon dioxide + water and ternary carbon dioxide + water + methanol mixtures: Measurement and Modelling. 2004
Excited states properties of nanostructures and biomolecules through time dependent density functional theory 2004