Title Yearsort ascending
Skywalking GEMS and UDF 2004
Which Extreme Values are Really Extreme? 2004
Characterization of seven (CTT)n microsatellite loci in the Pyrenean endemic Borderea pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae). Remarks on ploidy level and hybrid origin assessed through allozymes and microsatellite analyses. 2004
Linkage mapping of ovine cysteine and histidine-rich protein gene (CYHR1) to chromosome 9. 2004
The merging/AGN connection: a case for 3D spectroscopy 2004
Electrochemical Characteristics of Lithium Insertion in Several 3d Metal Tungstates (MWO4, M = Cu, Ni, Mn and Co) Prepared by Aqueous Reactions 2004
Gene expression pattern and immunoreactive protein localization of LGR7 receptor in human endometrium throughout the menstrual cycle. 2004
Magnetism chills out 2004
Bar Evolution over the Last 8 Billion Years: A Constant Fraction of Strong Bars in the GEMS Survey 2004
Magnetic field induced strain in Ni2MnGa melt-spun ribbons 2004
Ovine alpha-amylase genes: Isolation, linkage mapping and association analysis with milk traits in Manchega breed sheep. 2004
Within-brood size differences, sex and parasites determine blood stress protein levels in Eurasian Kestrel nestlings. 2004
Dew points of ternary methane (or ethane) + carbon dioxide + water mixtures: Measurement and correlation. 2004
Propagators for the time- dependent Kohn-Sham equations 2004
The impact of soil organisms on soil functioning under Neotropical pastures. A case study of a native anecic earthworm species 2004
Dew points of binary carbon dioxide + water and ternary carbon dioxide + water + methanol mixtures: Measurement and Modelling. 2004
Soil macrofaunal communities in permanent pastures derived from tropical forest or savanna 2004
Allenylidene-Ruthenium Complexes as Versatile Precatalysts for Alkene Metathesis Reactions 2004
Chemical ordering in magnetic Fe Pd∕ Pd (001) epitaxial thin films induced by annealing 2004
Thermodynamic Properties of Synthetic Natural Gases. 5. Dew Point Curves of Synthetic Natural Gases and Their Mixtures with Water and with Water and Methanol: Measurement and Correlation. 2004