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January, 2024
Thursday, 29 February, 2024


The Aragonese Foundation for Research & Development (ARAID) is launching a new international call for applications to fill up to a maximum of 12 full-time research positions for candidates with a consolidated track record of high-quality research and a demonstrated capacity for leadership, to join any of the research and innovation centres in Aragon, in the research areas open to applications in this call:

  • Health, biotechnology and biomedicine
  • Energy and sustainable mobility
  • Environment and natural resources
  • Agri-food
  • Heritage, social and cultural development
  • Digital technologies *
  • New materials and processes
  • Physics of matter and space

(*) Digital technologies has a requirement of 2 years of postdoctoral experience.

Applications must be submitted electronically via ARAID´s website. The call opens on 1st January 2024. Deadline for applications: 14.00h (CET) 29th February 2024.

The call for applications is open to candidates of any nationality with a suitable academic and research background. The final number of contracts will be subject to the quality of the applications and the strategic interests of the proposed lines of research. Up to a maximum of 3 applications will be accepted per Institution and/or Research and Development and Innovation (R+D+I) centre in Aragon. As a prerequisite, institutions that request an ARAID researcher will be required to sign a collaboration agreement with ARAID.

If the maximum permissible number (3) is exceeded, all applications submitted by that entity and/or centre will be excluded. Each candidate may only apply through one centre as the host institution. The Research manager can only support candidates (via the expression of interest form) for a single centre/institution as host. Failing to comply with any of the above rules will invalidate the applications presented by either the candidate, Research manager or host centre/institution.

The projects presented must describe how the proposed research is aligned with one or more of the areas of R+D+I specialization described in the 3rd Aragonese Research, Development and Innovation Plan (PAIDI) (listed on pages 72 to 77) accessible here.

For more information about R+D+I agents in the region of Aragón, visit the website: Each Host centre/institution has a designated contact person through whom expressions of interest can be processed. You can also contact ARAID for more information.

Job positions’ characteristics:
A maximum of 12 full-time research positions will be offered. ARAID researchers are expected to substantially reinforce or help create new research teams in their centres, in addition to actively participating and promoting science and technology in Aragon.

The duration of the contracts offered are indefinite undefined in accordance with local law, subject to periodic performance reviews. The salary scale will be in line with that of professionals with similar experience and responsibilities at the host institution and in accordance with the regional legislation on the remuneration of personnel in the service of the Administration of the Autonomous Region of Aragon and its related entities.

Additionally, in this 2024 call, up to €30,000 will be granted during the first year at ARAID for expenses directly related to the initiation and carrying out of their research project. Also, a relocation support payment of up to €3,500 will be granted to researchers residing outside Spain to Aragon.

ARAID will help foreign researchers with their visa and work permit procedures. The contract will come into effect only when the selected candidates can legally work in Spain.

Application requisites:
Candidates are required to have 6 or more years of postdoctoral experience (at the end of the application submission deadline), with at least 2 years of research residency in centres of recognized national and international prestige, outside Aragon.

As an exception to this rule, in 2024 the Digital Technologies panel will accept applications with 2 or more years of postdoctoral experience (by the end of the application submission deadline), with at least 1 year of research residency in nationally and internationally renowned centres, outside Aragon.

Only those employees that have a work contract at the host institution signed after 01/01/2023 can apply. Tenured-Track staff at Host Institutions cannot apply to this call.

Only complete applications submitted within the deadline and comprising the following will be evaluated:

  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (in abbreviated AEI format)
  • Description of the project and research areas to be developed.
  • Letters of support/reference (about the candidate and/or project).
  • Expression of interest form signed by the Research manager and Host centre/institution representative.

All application documents must be completed in English.

Candidates with a European Research Council grant that have not yet started their project on the date of application must indicate this in their application. These applications will go directly to the interview phase.

The Curriculum Vitae, project description, and letters of support are to be uploaded to the application by the applicant. In the project description, candidates must quantify and detail the start-up aid they request to help their projects. Only hiring of personnel, consumables and small equipment are eligible for start-up aid.

The expression of interest form is to be uploaded to the call website by the Research manager or immediate superior of the candidate at the Host centre/institution. This form, signed electronically by the legal representative, the scientific manager, and the administrative manager of the host centre, must be sent by email to, before the deadline of the call. Given the signatures it requires, it is advisable for the scientific manager to request these several days before the deadline. It is recommended that candidates avoid uploading the required documents on the day of the call deadline.

Evaluation process:
ARAID is a regional program of research excellence recognized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain and by the European seal for human resources excellence in research (HRS4R). Its selection process complies with the open, transparent and merit-based requirements set by the European Commission.

Applications are evaluated by an external commission of experts, who assess scientific excellence and leadership capacity and classify the different candidates in each panel according to their merits and potential. Evaluators from the Agencia de Calidad y Prospectiva Universitaria de Aragón (ACPUA) (the official agency for the evaluation of higher education in Aragon) and other national evaluation agencies are selected depending on the applications received in each panel. Based on the evaluation and the interviews carried out with the best candidates, ARAID will make the corresponding final offers, subject to their approval by the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

The call is expected to be finalised before August 2024, Application procedures for visa and work permits will begin as soon as possible after accepting the offers. Selected candidates are expected to join ARAID within six months being notified through official channels, granting in exceptional cases up to a maximum of 1 year.