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Organización del Curso de verano de la UIMP.
Advanced therapies Summer School

Advanced therapies include some treatments based on genes, cells and tissues used for human treatment. In this regard, cell and gene therapies as well as tissue engineering are innovative approaches that bring unique opportunities to address some diseases that currently present poor treatment perspectives. In addition, the application of nanotechnology to biomedical research and the use of emerging imaging techniques and methodologies are highly contributing to the development of novel advanced therapies. Millions of patients could certainly benefit from these cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, which is also highly appealing for pharmaceutical companies and patient organisations.

This summer school aims to showcase some current national and international achievements in advanced therapies and to boost the attendee’s interest about researching into this promising interdisciplinary field. This three-day course contains three sessions that will cover a variety of topics in gene & cell therapy, regenerative medicine, nanomedicine & nanobiotechnology as well as biomedical imaging.

Plenary lectures covering these subjects will be given by internationally rewarded speakers, followed by interactive round tables to discuss the state of the art of the presented therapies. The themes will be addressed using fundamental, translational and clinical perspectives. This broad view together with the multidisciplinary nature of the course will be very rewarding for the attendees.

This school mainly targets undergraduates, master and PhD students on biomedical sciences or related fields. The course can be also of interest for junior residents and professionals working in the advanced therapies sector.

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