Integral field observations of damped Lyman-α galaxies

Christensen, L.; Sánchez, S. F.; Jahnke, K.;Becker, T.; Kelz, A.; Wisotzki, L.; Roth, M. M.. Integral field observations of damped Lyman-α galaxies. Astronomische Nachrichten. 2004, Vol. Vol.325, Issue 2, p.124-127 , p. -2004.

We report preliminary results from a targeted investigation on quasars containing damped Lyman-α absorption (DLA) lines as well strong metal absorption lines, carried out with the Potsdam Multi Aperture Spectrophotometer (PMAS). We search for line-emitting objects at the same redshift as the absorption lines and close to the line of sight of the QSOs. We have observed and detected the already confirmed absorbing galaxies in Q2233+131 (zabs=3.15) and Q0151+045 (zabs=0.168), while failing to find spectral signatures for the z=0.091 absorber in Q0738+313. From the Q2233+131 DLA galaxy, we have detected extended Lyα emission from an area of 3″×5″.