Soft design for an rehabilitation exosuit: a preliminary approach

Lopes de Sousa Martins, Pedro Alexandre
ESB2022 - 27th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics
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António André, Ana Margarida Teixeira
Porto, Portugal
António André, Ana Margarida Teixeira, and Pedro Martins. Soft design for an reha- bilitation exosuit: a preliminary approach. In ESB2022 - 27th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics, Abstract Book, page 587, Porto, Portugal, 26-29 June 2022

Nowadays, physical impairments are common, and they are caused by different reasons . The normal aging process accentuated by increasing life expectancy, neurodegenerative diseases and finally daily living misfortunes such as accidents (falls, motor vehicle accidents, sport practices and others), all having a significant contribution for this reality.
The resultant mobility deficit has a high and long-term impact on social, economic and financial sphere of communities and health care systems worldwide. Besides, the psychological effect of these life changes on patients may be stressful, painful and in some cases depressive.
As an attempt to mitigate the negative effects of these mental and physical conditions, some solutions were already developed. They include wanderers, wheeled vehicles and wheelchairs . However, most devices do not have rehabilitation as primary goal.
Despite the early stages of development, exoskeletons and exosuits already play an important role in a rehabilitation context, as seen in some solutions described on literature .