Upregulation of selected HERVW loci in multiple sclerosis

Sofía Macías-Redondo, Mark Strunk, Alberto Cebollada-Solanas, José-Ramón Ara, Jesús Martín and Jon Schoorlemmer (2021) Mobile DNA 12:18 https://doi.org/10.1186/s13100-021-00243-1

We undertook a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based analysis of transcripts
amplified from cDNA obtained from patients with
CIS and samples from healthy controls. Data presented
from this pilot experiment indicate that the relative frequency
of specific HERVW copies is altered in PBMC of
CIS patients, even in the absence of overall HERVW overexpression.
Such altered frequency appears to be derived from less abundantly transcribed
but potentially MS-related HERVW loci.