Title Yearsort ascending
ITC: Characterizing binding interactions in long linear polymers 2015
Desvelando la función del citocromo c6-3 2015
A new technology for the classification of patients with gastric adenocarcinoma based on differential scanning calorimetry serum thermograms 2015
Structural and biochemical basis of the specificity for reduced flavins of the bifunctional FAD synthetase from the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae 2015
Phosphorylation of cytochrome c at positions 28 and 47 could affect its double role in the cell 2015
Development of compounds with promising selective effects toward Helicobacter pylori flavodoxin 2015
The binding of guanine nucleotides to the Bateman domain mediates the allosteric inhibition of eukaryotic IMP dehydrogenases 2015
Structural and functional characterization of MeCP2, a protein target associated with Rett syndrome 2015
Thermal investigation and analysis on (dis)assembly and structural stability of chaperonins group I 2015
Additional binding sites for cytochrome c on its redox membrane partners facilitate its turnover and sliding mechanisms within respiratory supercomplexes 2015
Rescuing compound bioactivity in a secondary cell-based screening by using gamma cyclodextrins as a molecular carrier 2015
How phosphorylation affects cytochrome c structure and function 2014
Cytochrome c1 exhibits two binding sites for cytochrome c in plants, as revealed by NMR in solution 2014
Reconocimiento molecular en la interacción de la NADPH-tiorredoxina-reductasa cloroplástica (NTRC) con 2-Cys peroxirredoxina 2014
Rett syndrome: Structural and functional characterization of MeCP2 and search for pharmacological chaperones 2014
ITC: Facts and caveats 2014
Plant cytochrome c1 exhibits two binding sites for cytochrome c with distinct affinities 2014
Identifying protein-protein interaction inhibitors for NUPR1, a key therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer 2014
Rescuing the antiviral activity in cell culture in selected in vitro compounds against hepatitis C virus by using cyclodextrins 2014
A “floating boat bridge” of cytochrome c molecules in plant respirasome 2014