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Belén Rubio‐Ruiz Lucía Serrán‐Aguilera Ramón Hurtado‐Guerrero* Ana Conejo‐García*. Recent advances in the design of choline kinase α inhibitors and the molecular basis of their inhibition. Medicinal Research Reviews. 2020. DOI: 10.1002/med.21746. * joint corresponding authorship
Abrahams, M., E. M. Bordy & F. Knoll. 2020. Hidden for one hundred years: a diverse theropod ichnoassemblage and cross-sectional tracks from the historic Early Jurassic Tsikoane ichnosite (Clarens Formation, northern Lesotho, southern Africa). Historical Biology. DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2020.1810681
Knoll F. & S. Kawabe. 2020. The brain and inner ear of derived pterosaurs have similar morphometrics to those of birds. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 40 (supplement): 155.
Paulina-Carabajal, A., L. Filippi & F. Knoll. 2020. Neuroanatomy of the titanosaur sauropod Narambuenatitan palomoi from the Upper Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina. Publicación Electrónica de la Asociación Paleontológica Argentina, 20 (2): 1–9.
Andreu Cera, Gabriel Montserrat-Martí, Juan Pedro Ferrio, Rebecca E. Drenovsky, Sara Palacio (2020) Gypsum-exclusive plants accumulate more leaf S than non-exclusive species both in and off gypsum, Environmental and Experimental Botany, 2020, 104294,

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