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Valadez-Noriega, M., Estévez-Moreno, L. X., Rayas-Amor, A. A., Rubio-Lozano, M. S., Galindo, F., & Miranda-de la Lama, G. C. (2018). Livestock hauliers’ attitudes, knowledge and current practices towards animal welfare, occupational wellbeing and transport risk factors: A Mexican survey. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 160, 76-84.
Zhu, C., Farré, G., Zanga, D., Lloveras, J., Michelena, A., Ferrio, J. P., ... & Eizaguirre, M. (2018). High-carotenoid maize: development of plant biotechnology prototypes for human and animal health and nutrition. Phytochemistry Reviews, 17(2), 195-209.
Tornero, C., Aguilera, M., Ferrio, J. P., Arcusa, H., Moreno-García, M., Garcia-Reig, S., & Rojo-Guerra, M. (2018). Vertical sheep mobility along the altitudinal gradient through stable isotope analyses in tooth molar bioapatite, meteoric water and pastures: A reference from the Ebro valley to the Central Pyrenees. Quaternary International, 484, 94-106.
Serrano-Cinca, C., Muñoz-Soro, J. F. and Brusca, I. (2018), A Multivariate Study of Internet Use and the Digital Divide. Social Science Quarterly, 99(4), pp. 1409-1425,doi:10.1111/ssqu.12504

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