Latest Publications

Strani, F., Pushkina, D., Bocherens, H., Bellucci, L., Sardella, R., DeMiguel, D. (in press). Dietary adaptations of Early and Middle Pleistocene equids from the Anagni basin (Frosinone, central Italy). Frontiers Ecology And Evolution
Calderón, T., DeMiguel, D., Arnold, W., Stadler, G., Köhler, M. (in press). Calibration of life history traits with epiphyseal closure, dental eruption and bone histology in captive and wild red deer. Journal of Anatomy
Miranda-de la Lama, G. C., Estévez-Moreno, L. X., Villarroel, M., Rayas-Amor, A. A., María, G. A., & Sepúlveda, W. S. (2019). Consumer attitudes toward animal welfare-friendly products and willingness to pay: Exploration of Mexican market segments. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 22(1), 13-25.
Abecia, J. A., María, G. A., Estévez-Moreno, L. X., & Miranda-De La Lama, G. C. (2019). Daily rhythms of body temperature around lambing in sheep measured non-invasively. Biological Rhythm Research, 1-6.
Miranda-de la Lama, G. C., Pascual-Alonso, M., Aguayo-Ulloa, L., Sepúlveda, W. S., Villarroel, M., & María, G. A. (2019). Social personality in sheep: Can social strategies predict individual differences in cognitive abilities, morphology features and reproductive success?. Journal of Veterinary Behavior,31, 82-91.

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