Title Yearsort ascending
Structural and functional analysis of novel human cytochrome c targets in apoptosis 2014
Extending in silico mechanism-of-action analysis by annotating targets with pathways: Application to cellular cytotoxicity readouts 2014
LDL receptor is a calcium/magnesium sensor: Role of LR4 and LR5 ion interaction kinetics in LDL release in the endosome 2014
Plant tumour biocontrol agent employs a tRNA-dependent mechanism to inhibit leucyl-tRNA synthetase 2013
The mechanism of allosteric coupling in choline kinase α1 revealed by a rationally designed inhibitor 2013
Recombinant production of human ICAM-1 chimeras by single step on column refolding and purification 2013
Improved flavodoxin inhibitors with potential therapeutic effects against Helicobacter pylori infection 2013
Antimalarial activity of cupredoxins: The interaction of plasmodium merozoite surface protein 1-19 (MSP1-19) and rusticyanin 2013
Key residues at the riboflavin kinase catalytic site of the bifunctional riboflavin kinase/FMN adenylyltransferase from Corynebacterium ammoniagenes 2013
Experimental validation of in silico target predictions on synergistic protein targets 2013
Determination of potential scaffolds for human choline kinase α1 by chemical deconvolution studies 2013
Structure of GrlR-GrlA complex that prevents GrlA activation of virulence genes 2013
Structural basis for the interaction of unstructured neuron specific substrates neuromodulin and neurogranin with calmodulin 2013
Zinc induced folding is essential for TIM15 activity as an mtHsp70 chaperone 2013
Synthesis and characterization of a lipidic alpha amino acid: Solubility and interaction with serum albumin and lipid bilayers 2013
The histidine-phosphocarrier protein of the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system of Bacillus sphaericus self-associates 2013
Deciphering the binding between Nupr1 and MSL1 and their DNA-repairing activity 2013
NS3 protease from hepatitis C virus: Biophysical studies on an intrinsically disordered protein domain 2013
Allosteric inhibitors of the NS3 protease from the hepatitis C virus 2013
Structural analysis of the regulation of the DYNLL/LC8 binding to Nek9 by phosphorylation 2013