Title Yearsort ascending
Design of alpha-S-neoglycopeptides derived from MUC1 with a flexible and solvent exposed sugar moiety. 2016
The closed conformation of the LDL receptor is destabilized by the low Ca++ concentration but favored by the high Mg++ concentration in the endosome. 2016
A trapped covalent intermediate of a glycoside hydrolase on the pathway to transglycosylation. Insights from experiments and QM/MM simulations. 2016
Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 Flavodoxin: Structural and Biophysical Characterization of a Novel Drug Target. 2016
Rational design of glycomimetic compounds targeting the Saccharomyces cerevisae transglycosylase Gas2. Chemical Biology & Drug Design, 2016
Dynamic interplay between catalytic and lectin domains of GalNAc-transferases modulates protein O-glycosylation. 2015
Pharmacophore-based virtual screening to discover new active compounds for human choline kinase α1. 2015
Structural and Functional Analysis of Yeast Crh1 and Crh2 Transglycosylases. 2015
X-ray Structures decipher the Non-equivalence of Serine and Threonine O-glycosylation points: Implications for the Molecular Recognition of the Tn Antigen by an anti-MUC1 Antibody. 2015
Detection of Tumor-Associated Glycopeptides by Lectins: the Peptide Context Modulates Carbohydrate Recognition. 2015
Combined structural snapshots and metadynamics reveal a substrate-guided front-face reaction for polypeptide GalNAc-transferase T2 . 2014
Serine versus Threonine Glycosylation with a-O-GalNAc: Implications for the molecular recognition by lectins. 2014
A hydrogen bond network in the active site of Anabaena Ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase modulates its catalytic efficiency. 2014
Discovery of a new binding site on human choline kinase α1: design, synthesis, crystallographic studies and biological evaluation of asymmetrical bispyridinium derivatives. 2014
Choline kinase active site provides features for designing versatile inhibitors. 2014
The Mechanism of Allosteric Coupling in Choline Kinase α1 Revealed by the Action of a Rationally Designed Inhibitor. 2013
Characterization of the cDNA and in vitro expression of the ram seminal plasma protein RSVP 14 2013
Synthesis of O- and C-glycosides derived from β-(1,3)-D-glucans. 2013
Determination of potential scaffolds for human choline kinase a1 by chemical deconvolution studies. 2013
Asymmetric Synthesis of N-(Alkoxycarbonylmethyl)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidin-2-ones. 2013