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Clathrin-Inspired Coating and Stabilization of Liposomes by DNA Self-Assembly 2019
An active DNA-based nanoprobe for photoacoustic pH imaging 2018
Proton conductive ionic liquid crystalline poly(ethyleneimine) polymers functionalized with oxadiazole 2018
Blockable Zn10L15 ion channels via subcomponent self-assembly. 2017
Photoacoustic molecular rulers based on DNA nanostructures 2017
Distance dependent photoacoustics revealed through DNA nanostructures 2017
Controlling the Reversible Assembly of Liposomes through a Multistimuli Responsive Anchored DNA 2016
Direct Optofluidic Measurement of the Lipid Permeability of Fluoroquinolones 2016
Fluorinated liquid crystalline dendrimers 2015
Nanoobjects formed by ionic PAMAM dendrimers:hydrophilic/lipophilic modulation and encapsulation properties 2015
DNA-Tile Structures Induce Ionic Currents through Lipid Membranes 2015
Ionic Conductivity and Structural Deformation of DNA Origami Plates in Electric Field 2015
“The Indole Pulse: A new perspective on indole signalling in Escherichia coli 2014
DNA origami nanopores: developments, challenges and perspectives 2014
Dendrimeric and Hyperbranched Liquid Crystal Structures 2014
Self-Assembly Modulation in Ionic PAMAM Derivatives 2014
Voltage dependent properties of DNA origami nanopores 2014
Single protein molecule detection by glass nanopores 2013
Bacterial Signal Indole Modifies the Physicochemical Properties of Lipid Membranes 2013
Multiplexed ionic current sensing with glass nanopores 2013