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Communicability distance reveals hidden patterns of Alzheimer disease 2020
Metaplex networks: influence of the endo-exo structure of complex systems on diffusion 2020
Indetermination of networks structure from the dynamics perspective 2020
Hubs-attracting” Laplacian and related synchronization processes on networks. 2020
‘Hubs-repelling’ Laplacian and related diffusion on graphs/networks 2020
Network bipartitioning in the anti-communicability Euclidean space 2020
d-path Laplacians and quantum transport on graphs 2020
Topological analysis of SARS CoV-2 main protease. 2020
Risk-dependent centrality in economic and financial networks. 2020
Fractional logarithmic Susceptible-infected model. Definition and applications to the study of COVID-19 main protease 2020
Influence of long-range interactions on quantum interference in molecular conduction. A tight-binding (Huckel) approach 2019
Geometrical and spectral study of β-skeleton networks 2019
Gaussianization of the spectra of graphs and networks. Theory and applications 2019
Mathematical modelling for sustainable aphid control in agriculture via intercropping 2019
Topological melting in networks of granular materials 2019
Degree heterogeneity of graphs and networks. I. Interpretation and the “heterogeneity paradox” 2019
Rethinking Structural Balance in Signed Social Networks 2019
Mathematical modelling of complex networks resilience to external stress 2019
Visualization and Machine Learning Analysis of Complex Networks in Hyperspherical Space. 2019
Communicability geometry of multiplexes 2019