octopus: a first-principles tool for excited electron-ion dynamics

M. A. L. Marques, A. Castro, G. F. Bertsch and A. Rubio. octopus: a first-principles tool for excited electron-ion dynamics. Computer Physics Communications. 2003, Vol. 151, p. 60-2003.

We present a computer package aimed at the simulation of the electron–ion dynamics of finite systems, both in one and three dimensions, under the influence of time-dependent electromagnetic fields. The electronic degrees of freedom are treated quantum mechanically within the time-dependent Kohn–Sham formalism, while the ions are handled classically. All quantities are expanded in a regular mesh in real space, and the simulations are performed in real time. Although not optimized for that purpose, the program is also able to obtain static properties like ground-state geometries, or static polarizabilities. The method employed proved quite reliable and general, and has been successfully used to calculate linear and non-linear absorption spectra, harmonic spectra, laser induced fragmentation, etc. of a variety of systems, from small clusters to medium sized quantum dots.

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