Title Yearsort ascending
When nanochemistry meets food packaging: development of active materials based on polyoxymetalates and nanocelluloses 2021
Food packaging in circular economy: bioplastics, emergent biopolymers, recycled plastics and active food packaging 2021
Innovations in antimicrobial food packaging: the role of nanomolecules and encapsulating systems 2020
New nanomaterials for active food packaging based on antimicrobial and antioxidant polyoxometalates 2020
Antimicrobial films containing cellulose nanofibrils and ethyl lauroyl arginate 2019
Incorporation of essential oils in cyclodextrin nanosponges and their potential application for antimicrobial food packaging 2018
Cyclodextrin nanosponges as a new encapsulating agent for essential oils and their effectiveness against foodborne pathogens 2018
The use of essential oils for antimicrobial food packaging 2018
Cyclodextrin nanosponges containing coriander essential oil as a new antimicrobial for active packaging 2017
The use of natural compounds for antimicrobial food packaging 2017
Encapsulation of coriander essential oil in cyclodextrin nanosponges 2017
Effect of absorbent pads containing pinosylvin inclusion complexes on Campylobacter spp. control: in vitro and in vivo studies 2015
Use of resveratrol to control Arcobacter butzleri 2015
Packaging absorbent pads coated with pinosylvin inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins for Campylobacter jejuni control 2015
Stilbene inclusion complexes as a natural-based strategy with improved anti-Campylobacter activity 2014
Anti-Campylobacter activity of resveratrol and its inclusion complex with hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin: a potential preservative for the food industry 2014
Inhibitory effect of resveratrol encapsulated in hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin against Arcobacter butzleri 2014
Inhibitory effect of resveratrol against Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter cryaerophilus 2013
Resveratrol production in bioreactors: assessment of cell physiology states by flow cytometry and plasmid segregational instability by real-time qPCR 2013
Evaluating metabolic stress and plasmid stability in plasmid DNA production by Escherichia coli 2013