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When metal nanochemistry meets food packaging: development of active materials based on polyoxymetalates 2022
Innovative eco-friendly active packaging strategy aimed for ethylene removal 2022
Antioxidant active packaging for fruits based on polyoxometalates 2022
Control of Listeria monocytogenes in RTE foods using novel antimicrobial and biodegradable interleave film 2022
Green synthesis of bifunctional nanomaterials for active packaging 2022
Innovative, eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic: an active packaging based on cyclodextrin nanosponges for ethylene removal 2022
Antimicrobial active packaging against food pathogenic bacteria and spoiling moulds 2022
New antimicrobial biodegradable films for ready-to-eat foods 2021
When nanochemistry meets food packaging: development of active materials based on polyoxymetalates and nanocelluloses 2021
Food packaging in circular economy: bioplastics, emergent biopolymers, recycled plastics and active food packaging 2021
Innovative eco-friendly active packaging approach for ethylene removal 2021
New nanomaterials for active food packaging based on antimicrobial and antioxidant polyoxometalates 2020
Innovations in antimicrobial food packaging: the role of nanomolecules and encapsulating systems 2020
Antimicrobial films containing cellulose nanofibrils and ethyl lauroyl arginate 2019
Cyclodextrin nanosponges as a new encapsulating agent for essential oils and their effectiveness against foodborne pathogens 2018
The use of essential oils for antimicrobial food packaging 2018
Incorporation of essential oils in cyclodextrin nanosponges and their potential application for antimicrobial food packaging 2018
Cyclodextrin nanosponges containing coriander essential oil as a new antimicrobial for active packaging 2017
The use of natural compounds for antimicrobial food packaging 2017
Encapsulation of coriander essential oil in cyclodextrin nanosponges 2017