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Parliamentary diplomacy in the Mediterranean 2016
Recent structural and mechanistic insights into protein O-GalNAcylation. 2016
Domestic Support in the European Union 2016
Direct Optofluidic Measurement of the Lipid Permeability of Fluoroquinolones 2016
Design of alpha-S-neoglycopeptides derived from MUC1 with a flexible and solvent exposed sugar moiety. 2016
´Parliamentary Diplomacy Uncovered: European and Global Perspectives´ 2016
Clinical validity of bis(methylthio)gliotoxin for the diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis 2016
Structural and magnetic properties of He+ irradiated Co2MnSi Heusler alloys 2016
Allostery and cooperative interactions in proteins assessed by isothermal titration calorimetry 2016
Ndufs4 related Leigh syndrome: A case report and review of the literature. 2016
Sinorhizobium meliloti low molecular weight phosphotyrosine phosphatase SMc02309 modifies activity of the UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase ExoN involved in succinoglycan biosynthesis 2016
Estudios realizados y situación actual de la variante génica prolífica ROA (FecXR) de la raza ovina rasa aragonesa. 2016
Ecosystem engineers in a self-organized soil: a review of concepts and future research questions 2016
A cluster of NBS-LRR genes resides in a barley powdery mildew resistance QTL on 7HL 2016
Quantitative parameters for the examination of InGaN QW multilayers by low-loss EELS 2016
Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 flavodoxin: Structural and biophysical characterization of a novel drug target 2016
Population structure of eleven Spanish ovine breeds and detection of selective sweeps with BayeScan and hapFLK 2016
In silico analysis of regulatory and structural motifs of the ovine HSP90AA1 gene 2016
Twin-Induced InSb Nanosails: A Convenient High Mobility Quantum System 2016
Structural and calorimetric studies demonstrate that Xeroderma pigmentosum type G (XPG) can be imported to the nucleus by a classical nuclear import pathway via a monopartite NLS sequence 2016